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Unions, management, and the public; readings and text [compiled by] E. Wight Bakke, Clark Kerr [and] Charles W. Anrod.

; Barrett, Jerome T., donor ; Kerr, Clark, 1911-2003, compiler ; Anrod, Charles W., compiler
3d ed.. New York, Harcourt, Brace and World [1967] .
ISBN 0155929410, 9780155929418

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Other Authors Anrod, Charles W.,
Barrett, Jerome T.,
Kerr, Clark, 1911-2003,
Subjects Industrial relations -- United States.
Industrial relations.
Labor unions -- United States.
Labor unions.
United States.
Description xvii, 750 pages illustrations 25 cm
Copyright Date [1967]
Notes Includes bibliographical references (pages 735-737).
Gift of : Jerome T. Barrett Labor Book Collection ; 2012 ; (IB.2012.001).
Contents Part I. Industrial Relations Systems -- Industrial Relations and Industrial Society / John T. Dunlop -- A Concept of the Social Organization / E. Wight Bakke -- Part II. The Development of Unionism -- A. Influential Ideas -- The Fundamental Law of Nature / William Blackstone -- Private Gain and Public Good / Adam Smith -- Combination of Employers and Workers / Adam Smith -- Individualism and the Moral Law / Herbert Spencer -- The Class Struggle / Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels -- The Condition of Labor / Pope Leo XIII -- The Popes and The Industrial Revolution / Benjamin L. Masse -- Social Christianity / Walter Rauschenbusch -- Social Creed of the Churches / Federal Council of Churches -- Basic Christian Principles Concerning Economic Life / Federal Council of Churches -- Industrial Democracy / Sidney and Beatrice Webb -- The Philosophy of Trade Unionism / Samuel Gompers -- B. Theories of Trade Unionism -- The Divorce of Capital and Labor / Sidney and Beatrice Webb -- The Principle of Collective Bargaining / Selig Perlman -- An Economic Interpretation / Selig Perlman -- A Socio-Psychological Interpretation / Robert F. Hoxie -- Weakness of Individual Bargaining / Sumner H. Stickler -- The Restoration of Social Status / Frank Tannenbaum -- Development of the Web of Rule / Clark Kerr and Abraham Siegel -- C. Evolving American Tradition -- American Labor Dynamics / Gus Tyler -- The Establishment of Unions -- A. Organizing The Union -- Public Action in Support of Organization / E. Wight Bakke -- To Join or Not to Join / E. Wight Bakke -- Why Workers Join Unions / Joel Seidman, Jack London, and Bernard Karsh -- The New Challenges to Organizing / William L. Kircher -- Occupational Frontiers of Union Growth / Everett M. Kassalow -- Professionalism and the Engineers / George Strauss -- Negotiating Unit for Public Employees / Governor's Committee on Public Employee Relations -- A Union View / Arnold S. Zander -- Conflict Issues in Teacher-School Board Negotiations / Wesley A. Wildman -- Need for Teacher's Unions / Albert Shanker -- Collective Bargaining for Teachers / Mrs. Fred A. Radke -- Organizing in the South / Solomon Barkin -- B. Union Security -- Mr. Dooley on the Open Shop / Finley Peter Dunne -- The Union Shop is Democratic and Necessary / Clinton S. Golden and Harold J. Ruttenberg -- Compulsory Unionism / Edward Maker -- Union Security / AFL-CIO -- The Union Shop and the Right to Work / Committee for Economic Development -- C. Power Accumulation -- The Drive for Power / J.B.S. Hardman -- Part IV. The Maintenance of Unity -- A. Characteristics of Unions -- Some Basic Characteristics of Unions / E. Wight Bakke -- B. Union Government -- Structure of the Labor Movement / Bureau of Labor Statistics -- Relationship Between the Federation and the Internationals / Jack Barbash -- The Relationship Between International and Local Unions / Patricia Eames -- Critical Power Issues / Jack Barbash -- C. Union Leaders -- A Union Leader's Creed / Clinton S. Golden -- Labor Leadership : A Public Service / Walter Reuther -- Battle for Survival and Power / James R. Hoffa -- Tomorrow's Leaders / Joseph A. Beirne -- Why Be a Local Lodge Officer? / James R. Baum -- Union Leadership / Charles W. Anrod -- D. Union Members -- Rank-And-File Union Members / Daisy L. Tagliacozzo and Joel Seidman -- E. Democratic Rights and Responsibilities -- The Leaders and the Rank and File / Robert F. Hoxie -- Army and Town Meeting / A.J. Muste -- Union Democracy / William M. Leiserson -- The Dilemma of Union Democracy / Emanuel Stein -- The Futility of Union Democracy / John L. Lewis -- Rights and Responsibilities of Union Members / Arthur J. Goldberg -- Part V. Management and Unions -- A. Management Characteristics -- The Authority of American Management / Charles A. Myers and Frederick H. Harbison.
Managerial Exercise of Power / Norman H. Martin and John Howard Sims -- The Human Resources Function / E. Wight Bakke -- B. Management Premises -- The Goals of Management / E. Wight Bakke -- Management Guideposts to Industrial Relations / E. Wight Bakke -- C. Reactions to Unions -- Mr. Baer On Management Responsibilities -- President's Report To National Association Of Manufacturers / David M. Parry -- Constructive Policies of Labor Relations / Alexander R. Heron -- Employee Relations, Philosophy and Practice / General Electric Company -- War and Peace in Labor Relations / Robert N. McMurry -- Declaration Of Principles, 1903 / National Association of Manufacturers -- Union Relations Policies, 1965 / National Association of Manufacturers -- D. Management Rights -- Preserving The Management Function / National Association of Manufacturers -- Organized Labor and Management Control / Neil W. Chamberlain -- Management's Reserved Rights : A Labor View / Arthur J. Goldberg -- Part VI. Industrial Conflict -- A. Sources of Conflict -- The Fundamental Cause of Industrial Unrest / Louis D. Brandeis -- The Nature of Industrial Conflict / Clark Kerr -- Changing the Balance of Rights / E. Wight Bakke -- B. The Era of Warfare -- Are Strikes War? / E. Wight Bakke -- Strikebreaking Services and Industrial Munitions / United States Senate, Committee on Education and Labor -- The "Mohawk Valley Formula" / David J. Saposs and Elizabeth T. Bliss -- Wildcat Strikes / Delbert C. Miller and William H. Form -- Diary Of A Strike / Bernard Karsh -- The Industrial Struggle Today / Benjamin L. Masse -- C. Functions of Strikes -- The Function of the Strike / United States Senate, Committee on Labor and Public Welfare -- Strikes in the Public Service / Governor's Committee on Public Employee Relations -- D. Strikes in Perspective -- Why Strikes? / Elizabeth Lager -- Decline of Strikes / Arthur M. Ross -- Part VII. Collective Bargaining -- A. Function of Collective Bargaining -- The Higgling of the Market / Sidney and Beatrice Webb -- Collective Bargaining and the Democratic Process / Edwin E. Witte -- B. The Trade Agreement -- Labor Agreements in Collective Bargaining / Leo Kotin -- Status of the Collective Bargaining Agreement / Herbert Burstein -- C. The Bargaining Process -- Bargaining Processes / Clark Kerr -- The Technique of Labor-Management Negotiations / William G. Copies and Robert A. Graney -- Union Strategy in Negotiations / Solomon Barkin -- Bargaining Power and Process / Neil W. Chamberlain -- D. Extension of Collective Bargaining -- The Grievance Procedure / John T. Dunlop and James J. Healy -- Mediation / William E. Simkin -- Labor Arbitration / Harold W. Davey -- Compulsory Arbitration / Charles W. Anrod -- Part VIII. Politics and Industrial Relations -- A. Politics in the Union Tradition -- Reward Your Friends and Punish Your Enemies / American Federation of Labor -- Labor and Politics / William H. Miernyk -- B. Labor in Politics Today -- Why Labor is in Politics / A.T. Hayes -- C. Management in Politics -- The Political Challenge to Businessmen / L.R. Boulware -- Businessmen and Politics / Raymond Moley -- D. Relative Political Influence -- Methods Of Political Power-Seeking / E. Wight Bakke -- Part IX. Patterns of Relationship -- A. The Unit for Bargaining -- Multi-Employer Bargaining / Frank C. Pierson -- B. Power Bargaining -- Power Relations : Corporations And Unions At The Bargaining Table / Benjamin H. Selekman [and others] -- Power Center Bargaining / Frederick H. Harbison and Robert Dubin -- C. Union-Management Cooperation -- Union-Management Cooperation / Frederick H. Harbison and John R. Coleman -- The Environment of Industrial Peace / Clark Kerr -- Attitudes and Industrial Peace / Douglas McGregor -- Joint Study Approach / AFL-CIO -- Part X. Employment Security -- A. The Problem of Unemployment -- The Unemployed Worker / E. Wight Bakke -- Dimensions of Unemployment / E. Wight Bakke -- The Causes of Unemployment / Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Manpower -- Structural and Deficient-Demand Unemployment / Richard G. Lipsey -- Technological Change / Senate Subcommittee on Employment and Manpower -- Automation and its Effects / Charles Killingsworth -- B. Employment Security through Collective Bargaining -- Security on the Job / E. Wight Bakke -- C. Priority in Employment -- Job Protection under Seniority Rules / Clinton S. Golden and Harold J. Ruttenberg -- The Pros and Cons of Seniority / C. Wilson Randle -- D. Making the Job Last -- Restriction of Output / William M. Leiserson -- The Menace of Restrictive Work Practices / Chamber of Commerce of the United States -- Union Response to Automation / Jack Barbash -- Property Rights in Work Rules / William Gomberg -- Make-Work Rules and Control of Technological Change / Sumner H. Slichter -- E. Reducing Hours of Work -- A Shorter Workweek / Marcia L. Greenbaum -- F. Government Action -- A National Manpower Policy / E. Wight Bakke -- Employment Service As A Manpower Agency / E. Wight Bakke -- Federal Manpower Programs / U.S. Department of Labor -- Part XI. Social Security -- A. Who Is Responsible? -- A Positive Philosophy / Frederick Lewis Allen -- The Worker's Quest for Security / Arthur J. Altmeyer -- Revolution in Industrial Employment / Richard A. Lester -- Individual and Governmental Responsibilities / Edwin E. Witte -- The Welfare State and the American Social Security Program / Margaret S. Gordon -- B. Major Issues -- Some Issues in Social Security / Wilbur J. Cohen and William Haber -- Unemployment Insurance and the Willingness to Work / E. Wight Bakke -- C. Unemployment Insurance and Private Programs -- Current Problems in Unemployment Insurance / Joseph M. Becker, William Haber, and Sor A. Levitan -- Unemploment Compensation Issues / Valdemar Carlson -- Private Programs to Alleviate Unemployment / Joseph M. Becker, William Haber, and Sor A. Levitan -- D. Workmen's Compensation -- Workmen's Compensation Laws : A Critical Analysis / Lawrence S. Medley -- E. Meeting the Hazards of Illness -- Meeting the Needs for Health Care / John H. Simons -- F. Retirement Provisions -- Security for the Aged / Charles W. Anrod -- G. The Future of Social Security -- Social Security in Evolution / Eveline M. Burns -- Guidelines for Future Social Insurance Policy / J. Douglas Brown -- Part XII. Wage Determination -- A. Wage Theory -- Wage Changes and Employment / Joseph Shister -- Marginal Productivity Theory of Wages / Henry Clay -- What Is Responsible Wage Policy? / Arthur M. Ross -- B. The Labor Market -- Competitive and Union Forces in the Labor Market / Lloyd G. Reynolds -- The Balkanization of Labor Markets / Clark Kerr -- C. Objectives in Wage Bargaining -- Workers and Wages / E. Wight Bakke -- The Model of the Trade Union / Clark Kerr -- Wage Policies of Trade Unions / John T. Dunlop -- Management Wage Decisions / Leland Hazard -- D. Criteria in Wage Determination -- Sound Wages / C.W. Post -- Criteria For Wage Dispute Settlement / John T. Dunlop -- Part XIII. Wages and the Economy -- A. Labor's Share -- Labor's Share and the Labor Movement / Clark Kerr -- B. The Structure of Wages -- Union Influence on Wage Differentials / Lloyd G. Reynolds and Cynthia Taft -- Union and Nonunion Wages / H.M. Douty -- Wage Clusters and Contours / John T. Dunlop -- C. The General Wage Level -- The Confusion of Tongues / Clark Kerr -- Labor Cost Trends / Council of Economic Advisers -- Unit Cost Trends in Manufacturing / Jerome A. Mark and Elizabeth Kahn -- D. Public Policy and Wages -- Wage and Price Guideposts / Council of Economic Advisers -- Problems of Wage Policy / H.M. Douty -- An Incomes Policy / Paul W.
Mccracken -- The Wage Guidelines / AFL-CIO -- E. The Minimum Wage -- Economics of the Minimum Wage / Richard A. Lester -- Penalizing the Poor / Norton E. Long -- Part XIV. Industrial Relations and the Wider Community -- A. Unions as Economic Monopolies -- Union Monopoly Power / National Association of Manufacturers -- Fallacies of the "Labor Monopoly" Issue / Arthur J. Goldberg -- The Antitrust Approach / Sor A. Levitati -- Labor Monopoly and all That / Edward S. Mason -- B. Industrial Relations and Public Morals -- Corruption in American Industrial Relations / B.C. Roberts -- Regulation of Internal Union Relations / Benjamin Aaron -- Union Morals / W. Willard Wirtz -- C. The Law of Industrial Relations -- Evolution of Labor Law Policy / Douglass V. Brown and Charles A. Myers -- The Role of Law in Labor Disputes / Archibald Cox -- N.L.R.B. Decisions and Bargaining Power / Guy Farmer -- D. The Law and Coercive Tactics -- Strikes : Lawful and Unlawful / Charles O. Gregory -- Picketing and Boycotts / D.H. Wollett -- Taft-Hartley (As Amended) on Coercive Practices / E. Wight Bakke -- The Riddle of National Emergency Disputes / Charles W. Anrod -- E. Civil Rights in Employment -- Equal Employment Opportunity / NAM Law Department -- Justice for All / Lyndon B. Johnson -- Part XV. Toward Tomorrow -- Labor's Next Decade / Nation's Business -- Agenda for Tomorrow / Walter Reuther -- Trade Unions Romance and Reality / Benjamin M. Selekman -- What Are the Alternatives? / George W. Taylor -- Collective Bargaining in Transition not in Crises / Clark Kerr -- Response To "The Felt Necessities of the Times" / W. Willard Wirtz.
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