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The competent infant; research and commentary. L. Joseph Stone, Henrietta T. Smith [and] Lois B. Murphy, editors.

; Smith, Henrietta T., author ; Murphy, Lois Barclay, 1902-2003, compiler
New York, Basic Books [1973] .
ISBN 0465013465, 9780465013463

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Other Authors Murphy, Lois Barclay, 1902-2003,
Smith, Henrietta T.,
Subjects Child Development -- Collected Works.
Infant -- Collected Works.
Infant psychology.
Nourrissons -- Psychologie.
Psychologie infantile.
Description viii, 1314 pages illustrations 24 cm
Copyright Date [1973]
Notes Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Observations on newborn infants / Peter H. Wolff -- The classification of states / Peter H. Wolff -- Ontogenetic development of the human sleep-dream cycle / Howard P. Roffwarg, Joseph N. Muzio, William C. Dement -- Neonatal smiling and rapid eye movement states / Robert N. Emde, Kenneth L. Koenig -- Visual alertness as related to soothing in neonates: implications for maternal stimulation and early deprivation / Anneliese F. Korner, Rose Grobstein -- The effectiveness of various soothing techniques on human neonates / Beverly Birns, Marion Blank, Wagner H. Bridger -- Continuous stimulation and arousal level in infants: additive effects / Yvonne Brackbill -- Behavioural differences between Chinese-American and European-American newborns / D.G. Freedman, Nina Chinn Freedman -- The development of attention in young infants / Peter H. Wolff -- Pattern vision in newborn infants / Robert L. Fantz -- Preference for shapes of intermediate variability in the newborn human / Maurice Hershenson, Harry Munsinger, William Kessen -- Visual scanning in infants / Marshall M. Haith -- Visual behavior of newborn infants / George W. Greenman -- Attention in the newborn: effect on motility and skin potential / Gerald Stechler, Susan Bradford, Howard Levy -- The organization of auditory behavior / Rita B. Eisenberg -- Auditory sensitivity in the infant: effect of intensity on cardiac and motor responsivity / Alfred Steinschneider, Earle L. Lipton, Julius B. Richmond -- State as a determinant of infants' heart rate response to stimulation / Michael Lewis, Betty Bartels, Susan Goldberg -- Sensory habituation and discrimination in the human neonate / Wagner H. Bridger -- Galvanic skin reflex in newborn humans / David H. Crowell [and others] -- Human neonatal cardiac responses to sound: a power function / Alexander K. Bartoshuk -- Decrement and recovery of response to visual stimuli in the newborn human / Steven Friedman, Genevieve C. Carpenter, Alice N. Nagy -- Electroretinogram in newborn human infants / Ann B. Barnet, Ann Lodge, John C. Armington -- Developmental study of coordinated eye movements in the human infant: I. Visual acuity in the newborn human: a study based on induced optokinetic nystagmus recorded by electro-oculography / Glenn O. Dayton, Jr. [and others] -- Optomotor response in human infants to apparent motion: evidence of innateness / Edward S. Tauber, Sandra Koffler -- Conditioned sucking in the human newborn / Lewis P. Lipsitt, Herbert Kaye -- The course of conditioning in newborns / Hanuš Papoušek -- An exploration of some parameters affecting classical conditioning in the neonate / Kevin Connolly, Peter Stratton -- Instrumental conditioning of nutritive sucking behavior in the newborn / Reuben E. Kron -- Reinforcement patterns and extinction in human newborns / Einar R. Siqueland -- The development of learning in the rhesus monkey / Harry F. Harlow -- Some aspects of imprinting in birds / Eric Fabricius -- Food imprinting in the snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina / Gordon M. Burghardt, Eckhard H. Hess -- Choice behavior in rhesus monkeys: effect of stimulation during the first month of life / Gene P. Sackett, Mary Porter, Hazel Holmes -- Monkeys reared in isolation with pictures as visual input: evidence for an innate releasing mechanism / Gene P. Sackett -- Imprinting in relation to parental and species identification by avian neonates / Gilbert Gottlieb -- Prenatal auditory imprinting in chickens / J. Brown Grier, S. Allen Counter, William M. Shearer -- Development in the first year of life: ego and drive development in relation to the mother-infant tie / Lois B. Murphy -- Developmental and motivational concepts in Piaget's sensorimotor theory of intelligence / Peter H. Wolff -- Interrelations of locomotor development / Mary M. Shirley -- Prediction of schoolage intelligence from infant tests / Sibylle K. Escalona, Alice Moriarty -- Sensorimotor development of Ganda infants / Mary D. Salter Ainsworth -- Comparisons of mental and motor test scores for ages 1-15 months by sex, birth order, race, geographical location, and education of parents / Nancy Bayley -- Growth and development of Negro infants: IV. Motor development and its relationship to child rearing practices in two groups of Negro infants / Judith R. Williams, Roland B. Scott -- Infant development in the Zinacanteco Indians of southern Mexico / T.B. Brazelton, John S. Robey, George A. Collier -- Differences in age of walking in five European longitudinal samples / C.B. Hindley [and others] -- Autonomic function in the neonate: VII. Maturational changes in cardiac control / Earl L. Lipton, Alfred Steinschneider, Julius B. Richmond -- Further prototypes of ego formation: a working paper from a research project on early development / René A. Spitz, Robert N. Emde, David R. Metcalf -- Visual reinforcement of nonnutritive sucking in human infants / Einar R. Siqueland, Clement A. DeLucia -- The functions of conditioning stimulation in human neonates and infants / Hanuš Papoušek, Paula Bernstein.
Three babies: biographies of cognitive development / Joseph Church -- Individual differences in human neonates' responses to stimulation / Beverly Birns -- States in newborn infants / Janet L. Brown -- Psychosomatic differentiation in infancy: I. Autonomic activity in the newborn / Herbert J. Grossman, Nahman H. Greenberg -- Consistent individual differences in the nutritive sucking behavior of the human newborn / Reuben E. Kron, Johannes Ipsen, Katharine E. Goddard -- Individual patterns of development / Nancy Bayley -- Overview of hypotheses and inferences / Sibylle K. Escalona -- Patterns of response to physical contact in early human development / H.R. Schaffer, Peggy E. Emerson -- Early evidences of individuality in the human infant / Arnold Gesell with Louise Bates Ames -- A study of the smiling and laughing of infants in the first year of life / Ruth W. Washburn -- Basic determinants of coping style / Lois B. Murphy -- Some hypotheses regarding the significance of individual differences at birth for later development / Anneliese F. Korner -- Personality consistency and change: an overview of some conceptual and methodological issues / Leon J. Yarrow -- An analysis of consensus in longitudinal research on personality consistency and change: discussion of papers by Bayley, Macfarlane, Moss and Kagan, and Murphy / Earl S. Schaefer -- Some principles of personality development in babyhood / Mary M. Shirley -- Shirley's babies after fifteen years: a personality study / Patricia Neilon -- Behavioral correlates of mental growth: birth to thirty-six years / Nancy Bayley -- Newborn activity and emotional response at eight months / Betty Jo McGrade -- Ontogeny of behavior: prenatal development / Zing-Yang Kuo -- Prenatal auditory sensitivity in chickens and ducks / Gilbert Gottlieb -- Estrogen administered neonatally affects adult sexual behavior in male and female rats / Seymour Levine, Richard Mullins, Jr. -- Effects of perinatal androgen treatment on responses of male rats to gonadal hormones in adulthood / Frank A. Beach, Ralph G. Noble, Robert K. Orndoff -- Mice: fighting by neonatally androgenized females / David A. Edwards -- Behavioral effects in the offspring of rats subjected to audiogenic seizure during the gestational period / William D. Thompson, Jr., Lester W. Sontag -- Prenatal influence on behavior of offspring of crowded mice / Kim Keeley -- Early developmental stress and later behavior / Michael W. Lieberman -- Behavior of adult rats is modified by the experiences their mothers had as infants / Victor H. Denenberg, Arthur E. Whimbey -- Experimental programming of life histories in the rat / Victor H. Denenberg -- Breakdown in maternal protection: infections / J.A. Dudgeon -- Effect on the early embryo of agents administered to the mother / Cecilia Lutwak-Mann, Mary F. Hay -- Acquired chromosomal anomalies induced in mice by injection of a teratogen in pregnancy / Theodore H. Ingalls, Estelle F. Ingenito, Francis J. Curley -- Newborn attention as affected by medication during labor / Gerald Stechler -- Newborn sucking behavior affected by obstetric sedation / Reuben E. Kron, Marvin Stein, Katharine E. Goddard -- The problem of "brain damage" in children / Herbert G. Birch -- Prenatal and paranatal factors in the development of childhood reading disorders / Ali A. Kawi, Benjamin Pasamanick -- Anoxia, behavioral development, and learning ability: a comparative-experimental approach / Gilbert W. Meier [and others] -- Development three years after perinatal anoxia and other potentially damaging experiences / Frances K. Graham [and others] -- Effects of perinatal anoxia after seven years / Norman L. Corah [and others] -- A comparative study of asphyxiated and non-asphyxiated boys from birth to five years / L.E. Ucko -- Neuropathology of certain forms of mental retardation / William F. Windle -- Individual differences in attention: the relation between infants' condition at birth and attention distribution within the first year / Michael Lewis [and others] -- Neurological sequelae of prenatal and paranatal complications / H.F.R. Prechtl -- Habituation to an acoustic pattern as an index of differences among human neonates / Rita B. Eisenberg, David B. Coursin, Nancy R. Rupp -- The growth and development of the prematurely born infant / Cecil M. Drillien -- Comparisons of prematurely and maturely-born children / Katrina De Hirsch, William S. Langford, Jeannette Jefferson Jansky -- Factors associated with impairment of the early development of prematures / Martin D.S. Braine [and others] -- Neuropsychologic outcome of children whose mothers had proteinuria during pregnancy: a report from the collaborative study of cerebral palsy / Arthur L. Rosenbaum [and others] -- DNA (cell number) in neonatal brain: second generation (F₂) alternation by maternal (F₀) dietary protein restriction / Stephen Zamenhof, Edith Van Marthens, Ludmila Grauel.
Visual development in rhesus monkeys neonatally deprived of patterned light / Paul D. Wilson, Austin H. Riesen -- Monkey infants reared in darkness to varying ages / Robert L. Fantz -- Movement-produced stimulation in the development of visually guided behavior / Richard Held, Alan Hein -- Visually guided reaching in infant monkeys after restricted rearing / Richard Held, Joseph A. Bauer, Jr. -- "Fixation" in the rat as a function of infantile shocking, handling, and gentling / Ahmad A. Salama, J. McV. Hunt -- Hormonal influences on brain organization in infant rats / Seymour Levine, Richard F. Mullins, Jr. -- Infantile stimulation and adult exploratory behavior: effects of handling upon tactual variation seeking / Garland Y. Denelsky, Victor H. Denenberg -- Mice reared with rats: relations between mothers' activity level and offspring's behavior / Gerald A. Hudgens, Victor H. Denenberg, M.X. Zarrow -- Nutrition and learning / Heinz F. Eichenwald, Peggy Crooke Fry -- Social class and cognitive development in infancy / Mark Golden, Beverly Birns -- Cognitive development in infants of different age levels and from different environmental backgrounds: an exploratory investigation / Theodore D. Wachs, Ina C. Uzgiris, J. McV. Hunt -- Mother-child interaction in the first year of life / Steven R. Tulkin, Jerome Kagan -- Early child stimulation through parent education / Ira J. Gordon -- Perceptual-cognitive development in infancy: a generalized expectancy model as a function of the mother-infant interaction / Michael Lewis, Susan Goldberg -- Dimensions of early stimulation and their differential effects on infant development / Leon J. Yarrow [and others] -- An analysis of excellent early educational practices: preliminary report / Burton L. White -- Anaclitic depression: an inquiry into the genesis of psychiatric conditions in early childhood / René A. Spitz with Katherine M. Wolf -- Mother-infant separation in monkeys / Billy Seay, Ernst Hansen, Harry F. Harlow -- Depression in infant monkeys separated from their mothers / I. Charles Kaufman, Leonard A. Rosenblum -- Variations in infant development and response to maternal loss in monkeys / Leonard A. Rosenblum, I. Charles Kaufman -- The immediate impact of separation: reactions of infants to a change in mother figures / Leon J. Yarrow, Marion S. Goodwin -- Nature of love, simplified / Harry F. Harlow, Stephen J. Suomi -- Learning to love / Harry F. Harlow, Margaret Harlow -- Visual alertness in neonates as evoked by maternal care / Anneliese F. Korner, Evelyn B. Thoman -- Autonomic pupillary reflex activity during early infancy and its relation to social and nonsocial visual stimuli / Hiram E. Fitzgerald -- Observations on the early development of smiling / Peter H. Wolff -- The course of infant smiling in four child-rearing environments in Israel / Jacob L. Gewirtz -- Smiling, cooing, and "the game" / John S. Watson -- A factor analytic study of the mother-infant dyad / George G. Stern [and others] -- Later outcomes of early infant and mother relationships / Lois B. Murphy -- The development of attachments in Ganda infants / Mary D. Salter Ainsworth -- The onset of fear of strangers and the incongruity hypothesis / H.R. Schaffer -- Infants' responses to strangers during the first year / George A. Morgan, Henry N. Ricciuti -- Infants' reactions to an unfamiliar person / Gordon W. Bronson -- The infant's free entry into a new environment / Harriet L. Rheingold, Carol O. Eckerman -- Individual differences in strange-situation behavior of one-year-olds / Mary D. Salter Ainsworth, Silvia M.V. Bell, Donelda J. Stayton -- Infant obedience and maternal behavior: the origins of socialization reconsidered / Donelda J. Stayton, Robert Hogan, Mary D. Salter Ainsworth -- Receptive language development in infancy: issues and problems / Bernard Z. Friedlander -- Speech perception in infants / Peter D. Eimas [and others] -- The natural history of crying and other vocalizations in early infancy / Peter H. Wolff -- The speech behaviour of infants without families / Arthur J. Brodbeck, Orvis C. Irwin -- On explaining language / Eric H. Lenneberg -- Social conditioning of vocalizations in the infant / Harriet L. Rheingold, Jacob L. Gewirtz, Helen W. Ross -- Relationships between infants' vocalizations and their mothers' behaviors / Leila Beckwith -- Behavioral correlates of breast-bottle regimes under varying parent-infant relationships / M.I. Heinstein -- Sex, age, and state as determinants of mother-infant interaction / Howard A. Moss -- Operant conditioning of visual fixation in infants under visual and auditory reinforcement / John S. Watson -- Play behavior in the year-old infant: early sex differences / Susan Goldberg, Michael Lewis -- Continuity in cognitive development during the first year / Jerome Kagan -- Fear of visual novelty: developmental patterns in males and females / Gordon W. Bronson -- Newborn and preschooler: organization of behavior and relations between periods / Richard Q. Bell, George M. Weller, Mary F. Waldrop -- Sex differences in coping and development / Lois B. Murphy and associates -- Infancy experiences and cognitive and personality development at ten years / Leon J. Yarrow [and others].
Volition, skill, and tools / Jerome S. Bruner -- The development of song patterns by birds as evidence for sensitive periods in learning / W.H. Thorpe -- Culturally transmitted patterns of vocal behavior in sparrows / Peter Marler, Minako Tamura -- Social behavior of kittens, rats, dogs, and small birds / Zing-Yang Kuo -- Observations of mother-infant interactions in primate field studies / David A. Hamburg -- Patterns of vocal and gestural imitation in infants / Ina C. Uzgiris -- Infant learning: the first year / Harry F. Harlow -- The ape in our house / Cathy Hayes -- Progressive training of human infants: specific augmentation / Eleanor J. Gibson -- Visual accommodation in human infants / Harold Haynes, Burton L. White, Richard Held -- Visual perception from birth as shown by pattern selectivity / Robert L. Fantz -- The visual investigation of geometric pattern by the one-and two-month-old infant / Philip Salapatek -- Age differences in infants' attention to patterns of different complexities / Wendy M. Brennan, Elinor Wardwell Ames, Ronald W. Moore -- Complexity, contour, and area as determinants of attention in infants / Robert B. McCall, William H. Melson -- Response to novelty as an indicator of visual discrimination in the human infant / Graham Saayman, Elinor Wardwell Ames, Adrienne Moffett -- Infants' responses to facial stimuli during the first year of life / Michael Lewis -- The cardiac response as a correlate of attention in infants / Michael Lewis [and others] -- The meaning of a response or why researchers in infant behavior should be oriental metaphysicians / Michael Lewis -- Further developments in infant learning / Einar R. Siqueland -- The determinants of attention in the infant / Jerome Kagan -- The development of perception as an adaptive process / Eleanor J. Gibson -- Cardiac responses on the visual cliff in prelocomotor human infants / Joseph J. Campos, Alan Langer, Alice Krowitz -- Stimulus variables determining space perception in infants / T.G.R. Bower -- Perceptual functioning in early infancy / T.G.R. Bower -- Space perception in early infancy: perception within a common auditory-visual space / Eric Aronson, Shelley Rosenbloom -- Infant sucking used to change the clarity of a visual display / Ilze V. Kalnins, Jerome S. Bruner -- Looking strategies in infants / A.C. Mundy-Castle, Jeremy M. Anglin -- Techniques tor the differential study of cognition in early childhood / Joseph Church -- Cognition in infancy: where do we stand in the mid-sixties? / William R. Charlesworth -- Infant responses to impending collision: optical and real / William Ball, Edward Tronick -- Perceptual-motor behaviour in infancy as a function of age and stimulus familiarity / H.R. Schaffer, M.H. Parry -- Patterns of fear development during infancy / Sandra Scarr, Philip Salapatek -- Hospitalism: an inquiry into the genesis of psychiatric conditions in early childhood / René A. Spitz -- Hospitalism: a follow-up report / René A. Spitz -- The effect of environmental stimulation upon social and exploratory behaviour in the human infant / Harriet L. Rheingold -- Infants in institutions / Sally Provence, Rose C. Lipton -- Pattern preferences and perceptual-cognitive development in early infancy / Robert L. Fantz, Sonia Nevis -- Child development research: an edifice without a foundation / Burton L. White -- Biological and experiential determinants of exploration in infancy / Einar R. Siqueland -- Early social deprivation and later behavior in the monkey / Harry F. Harlow -- Social rehabilitation of isolate monkeys -- Maternal deprivation: its influence on visual exploration in infant monkeys / Phillip C. Green, Michael Gordon -- Some effects of social and sensory deprivation during rearing on behavioral development of monkeys / Gene P. Sackett -- Depth perception in sheep: effects of interrupting the mother-neonate bond / William B. Lemmon, George H. Patterson -- The effects of early experience on problem-solving at maturity / D.O. Hebb -- Motivational factors in development / William R. Thompson -- Crucial periods for free-environmental experience in the rat / Donald G. Forgays, Janet Michelson Read -- Mass action and early environment in the rat / Charles J. Smith -- Effect of neonatal cortical lesions and early environmental factors on adult rat behavior / Sol Schwartz -- Environmental complexity, cerebral change, and behavior / Mark R. Rosenzweig -- Behavior: confinement, adaptation, and compulsory regimes in laboratory studies / J. Lee Kavanau -- Monkey see, monkey do / Cathy Hayes.
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